What to Expect at Your Appointment

At Goodsir Assessment our first concern is always to put the child at ease by explaining what is going to happen during the appointment. Children are usually relieved to hear that it is not going to be a ‘test’! We then spend some time gathering additional medical information and background from the parent. After this, the assessment takes place in the assessment room, while the parent waits in the waiting room (unless, in the case of a younger or anxious child, they prefer to have their parent ‘sit-in’.) Parents are welcome to go and grab a coffee if their child is happy for them to do this. The assessment usually takes between 75 minutes and 90 minutes although can sometimes be longer depending on the inclusions.

We then do the analysis of results and report writing over the course of the next fortnight, with reports usually available approximately two weeks after the assessment date. The report is emailed to the parent with an invitation to discuss the report via telephone should they wish to. We are very happy to forward a copy of the report to other professionals involved with the child (eg paediatrician, school learning support) with the permission of the parent.

The report always includes all results, detailed discussion of the results, and recommendations based on these results.